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Smooth Start with Your Helper: What to Do Before They Arrive?

The wait is over! Your domestic helper is all set to begin, and you're brimming with excitement. Finally, you will have someone to help with the chores and mind the kids. Your family can look forward to healthy, home-cooked meals. You printed out a schedule for her to refer to and even took a few days off to show her how things are done in your house. You hope your new helper will be motivated to give her best for the next 2 years if you started things on the right note. Setting the Stage for Success This all sounds great. But, for a good working relationship, you must treat it like a corporate HR task. You need to assert your role as the boss and respect your helper as your subordinate. Set boundaries from the start and be clear in communicating the rules of the workplace. Besides the timetable, you should also print out a list of house rules. This should cover the daily hours. It should also cover notes on securing and locking the house, mobile phone use, work clothes, personal